Thursday, September 8, 2016

Max's First Swim!

We got to see Max this past weekend! My goodness he's grown! I understand he's 14 pounds already.
We were supposed to have the whole family, but most of the Koenig's were either sick or had sniffles and didn't want to get the baby sick.  I'm afraid it's sniffles and cold season now that school has started again. So only Aunt Colleen came out to see him for a bit.
Of course, I took a few pics of the day!
 Grumpy and Max
 Aunt Colleen and Max
 I love this picture of mother and son. So peaceful.
 Max in his new swimwear. He's such a happy guy!
 Max got cartoonized!
 In the pool - I thought he would cry but he seemed to like the water!
After the swim, he just lay on the deck and watched the beach umbrella for the longest time. (I think he thought it might be a fan, so don't tell him! Shhhh!)

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