Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Biloxi, Mississippi Trip, 2016 -- Day One

Monday we left for a mini-vacation to explore Biloxi, Mississippi.

It started with bad traffic due to a terrible accident on IH10 in San Antonio as we were driving through that slowed us down by at least an hour, and continued with either accidents or construction all the way, making travel AWFUL! But we finally made it to Biloxi about 7:30 pm, and we checked in to the Hard Rock Casino. Whew!
 The view from tht Atchafalaya Basin Bridge as we traveled across.
 We checked in and had a late dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Delicious, but I forgot to take a picture of the food....the drinks I took a picture of! ha!
 A Nervous Water Stout (aged in whisky barrels) that John had, and a Peachy Keen drink made with Patrone and rum. So delicious!

The hotel is full of musician's memorabilia -- a suit that belonged to Sammy Davis Jr. and a military style suit worn by Johnny Cash.

The view from our 2nd floor room.  It's very pretty out there on the water.  The pool area is just below our window and we did some people watching this week.  People are fascinating.
 One of the many different styles of light fixtures throughout the hotel. This one was gold chains in a wave design. My camera is not doing it justice.
 John Lennon's jacket.  This belonged to the original Biloxi Casino that was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.  The jacket was found and refurbished.
We did a little bit of gambling before bed.  I'm not much of a gambler, but John enjoys it some. We didn't last too long as we were both pretty tired!


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  2. Wow, the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi looks really neat! Thank you for posting the pictures you had. I have only driven through Mississippi but now that I have seen your pictures, it makes me want to stop and visit. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. Safe travels!

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine