Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Biloxi, Mississippi Trip, 2016 -- Day Two

Our first stop on day two we visited the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library and Museum, Beauvoir. 

Jeff Davis was the President of the Confederate States during the civil war, and the home that he had here was where he moved to after the war to write his memoirs and the history of the confederacy.  The home was originally owned by an acquaintance of his, Mrs. Dorsey, and after her death he and his daughter, Winnie, inherited the home and lands.

 The home and grounds had to be restored after Hurricane Katrina, and the association has made efforts to bring it back to the original state.  
 John at the top of the stairs at the entrance of the home.
 I'm sitting on the porch waiting for the tour to begin.
 Beautiful glass in the front door and windows.
 The grandfather clock in the front reception area is original and still working! Made in the 1700's, it tells the date of the month in the small circle at the bottom. Amazing craftsmanship.
 The buffet in the reception area is original to the home and weighs over 600 pounds, 
which is why it is still there!
 Jeff Davis portrait
 Beautiful tea set. Sigh....
 From the kitchen building which is attached at the back of the home.
 Details in the Library building.

 The books he wrote after the war at Beauvoir.

 They had a couple of rooms full of memorabilia from the civil war.

After our visit to Beauvoir, we had a late lunch at Shaggy's.  Delicious!  John had gumbo with catfish fillets, and I had a shrimp salad.  

 On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at Sharkey's to get the grandchildren a few things.  This place is HUGE -- so much to choose from. 

After resting a bit, we had dinner at the Hard Rock buffet (groan...too much food), and gambled some more.  I won $5.00 on the slot machines! Whoop!  This place has so so so many 1 cent machines that I have no idea how to play.  They are all electronic and confusing.  I prefer the old style slots, but there weren't too many to choose from.  

We had a great day and were pretty tired by the end!

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