Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vahalik Family Reunion, 2016

On Sunday we traveled to Yoakum, Texas, to attend the reunion of my mother's family, the Ed Vahalik family.  It's held every two years, but we weren't able to attend the last one, so it was good to see the changes to our extended family.  I was so happy to see the many, many new youngsters that came this time!
Here are a few pictures from that day, but first - here's my grandfather, Ed Vahalik and his bride, Emily Svec.  They started the whole thing!
Now, here's our current bunch!
I think they said this was everyone 50 and Aunt Leona, my mother's youngest sister,  in the front in the solid blue shirt is the last child of Ed Vahalik.  I think she is 83 years old now (and still driving!)  This wasn't all of us as another big group of people came after this picture was taken, before the lunch was served.
Some of the children of the bunch above. Again, this was only about half of them.
And this was just some of the little ones. Some were outside playing with the goat! Yes, goat.  Doesn't every family reunion include a goat? ha ha!

I've been working on compiling as many of my mother's pictures that I could into a digital album.  I hope at some time to be able to point out where everyone belongs on the family tree.  Here's hoping!!
 Every good Czech family has kolaches at their get togethers! 
My cousin Mary was celebrating her birthday on Sunday! Welcome to Medicare, Mary!
My cousin Ray's daughter and her family. Such as cute little one!!

We had a great time but had to leave at around 2pm because we were trying to leave on our vacation the next day.  Looking forward to the next reunion in 2018!

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