Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day SIXTEEN --- Oceans & Waters Week

We had a real easy day at camp today with only one camper -- Joss! Her sister was away on a trip with her mama, so Joss got all of Grumpy and Mimi's attention to herself....and she loved it! We started camp with breakfast, then Joss got to go check to see if the "mailman" had come all by herself. Her sister usually beats her to that every time.

Next we did some crafting -- Joss painted an octopus! The googly eyes were her favorite part - she kept taking them on and off. Poor octopus....

We had some free time play and she practiced her tricycle skills. Then we did her new puzzle that she got today which had some methods of transportation that go on the oceans or the water.  

After that it was time to go to the library.  This is always such fun - Joss has learned where everything is at our cute little library, she feels very "at home" there.  She always takes time to play with her favorite stuffed animal there, too. She loves the library giraffe!

We had lunch when we got home and Grumpy put on the "Monsters Inc." movie. That was a big hit, too!  

After rest time, we played with almost every item in her toy box in the house, while watching a Tarzan movie, then it was time to swim! Joss loved having both Grumpy and Mimi giving her all our attention -- she enjoyed showing us how a mermaid swims. This girl is very comfortable in the water now. We tried to practice putting her head under water, but she's not too sure about that yet. She should be a good swim lesson student this fall.
 She can't wait to get in the pool because she knows that there's a popsicle in her future!

We had such a nice easy camp day today. Thursday we'll have both girls and we're off to SeaWorld! We have to thank our niece, Adrienne, and her husband, Marcos, for getting tickets for us all...we're going to make good use of them!

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