Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day SEVENTEEN --- Oceans & Waters Week

What a busy day we had! Starting with breakfast at the Kolache Factory (oh, and a stop at Dunkin Donuts!)

 This is what happens when I try to take a "selfie"
And then we were off to SeaWorld San Antonio! We are so lucky to have a niece and her husband both working there, so we got quite a treat today.  
 First we went to Discovery Point.  Here there be dolphins!

 Then we went to see the sharks (of course...KT's favorite thing.)

 Can you see the diver in there? There were actually two of them.
Then we headed over to the Sea Lion show and met up with Adrienne.  After the show, she had set up a special treat for the girls -- we got to go back stage and meet one of the sea lions up close and personal.  His name was Moose.

KT got to feed Moose some fish!
Next up, a few of the rides in the Sesame Street Play Area.  I had to go with the girls since John gets sick on these types of rides.  Lucky me...
 On the Big Bird ride!
We then walked over to the Sea Star Theater to meet up with some very cute animals that are in the Pets Ahoy show.  Our niece works in this venue, so we got to meet some of the players, too.  So nice!
 The de-scented skunk is named Huckleberry.  He was so sweet.
 Here's one of the parrots -- he made quite the noise when Joss petted him!

One of the actors is an orange housecat! Most of the animals are shelter rescues 
which made it all that much more special.

We had pizza and frozen lemonade for lunch, then went back to the Pet's Ahoy Show to see the entire show - very cute! There were rats, cats, dogs of all sizes and shapes, skunks and a few pigs! KT found it all so funny!

 Adrienne is in the middle there working on the sound boards!

Then we decided to ride a few more rides before heading home.  We didn't get to see everything - there's so much more there, but we had a very tired two year old who needed to rest.
 We rode the carousel and KT got to ride the Shamu ride (Joss wasn't big enough - had to be 36" tall)

Joss got a stuffed Shamu, and of course KT got a great white shark!

We got home in time to have a nice cooling swim -- we were so hot.  Today was the best, but everyone was worn out - but the Popsicles helped!

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