Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Spring Garden Notes - June 15, 2016

Still harvesting from the garden every day.  I'm picking these huckleberries as they ripen and I've got about 4-1/2 pounds stored in the fridge until they are all ready.  Not quite sure what I'm planning to make with them yet,  I thought I'd wait until we taste them first.  There's a bit of a process you have to go through to make them edible, from what I've been reading, so we'll wait until we have them all to work with them.
The German Butterball potatoes were dying out, so we went ahead and dug them up.  Very happy with our little harvest of close to 4 pounds from these few plants!

These jalapenos are going crazy right now, so I had to do something with all of these peppers - I put some up as pickled jalapeno rings - we eat a lot of these!

I got my first Lemon Boy tomato this past week! Very pretty color.
And of course, the cucumbers are trying my patience.  I'm ripping out most of those plants because....just how many pickles can one family use?! Really.  These are the last (and I mean it this time) dills made with apple cider vinegar and alum.  We'll see how these are in a month or so.
I made another batch of cucumber relish and adapted another recipe for Koolicke pickles to make this Koolickle Relish.  I just added a little extra sugar to my recipe along with a pack of cherry Koolaide.  Sounds good to me!
The flower bed behind my little greenhouse has finally sprung to life -- such pretty colors!
The tomatoes are starting to ripen fast now, so planning some salsa canning soon.

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