Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day THREE --- Sharks!

Well, technically we'll be looking at other types of fish along with sharks, but let's not get too technical! 
The day started with shark pancakes and bacon. John made the pancakes and cut the sharks out with a cookie cutter.  They eyes were dried blueberries.  I'm happy to report that they ate every single bite. That's what I call a success!

After breakfast, we went out to the pavilion for some messy work.  The girls were making a shirt to wear on Thursday when we are going to visit the Aquarium in San Antonio.  KT got a shark on her's and Joss went for a fish that looks something like Nemo.  They used some spray Tie-Dye t-shirt paints, which are easy to use for adults, but a bit harder for kids, but KT did okay.  She always wants to do it herself and she's getting better at it every summer.  

We let these dry for a while, then I washed them in cold water and dried them so they are ready for Thursday.
Next up, tide pools!! Oh yes, playing with water -- the girls were in heaven.  We used a couple of big tin roasting pans and lined the bottom with sand.  They made a beach and added shells, rocks, pebbles, glass beads and some moss on the beach.  Then the real fun began -- they mixed water colors in several containers to made blue and green water (and blue-green water, and green-blue water....), you get the idea! ha! 

We made every color they could think of. Then they poured the water in the pans and added their little plastic fish and ocean creatures.  We had to go away for a while so that the sand would settle again, but it looked really great after it did!  

 Where should she put the dolphin?
Can you spot the lobster?

We had lunch next -- shark shaped P&J sandwiches and chips.  

Tuesdays are library day, so we made our trip to get some shark and fish books to read -- KT knows right where they keep these books at the library since sharks are her favorite thing ever.  Of course, Joss played some puzzles and messed with the cushions and toys as usual.  They were having a quilt show at the library this week, so we went to take a look.  What nice ladies they were -- both girls got a cute quilt print pin cushion and KT got a quilt magazine to take home.  Her other Grandma (Nene) is a quilter, so she plans to take it to her in Houston.

When we got home, it was "quiet" time (Joss naps, and KT does some quiet time on her own).  Don't they look peaceful when they are asleep?! Ha!

Up and time for making some Sharks in a Bottle!  More water play is always popular.  The girls mixed their colored water and added 1/2 of a bottle of blue glitter glue, then mixed them as much as possible.  We cut out some foam sharks and put them in, along with some shells and additional glitter,  and KT added a few of the small plastic fish in hers.  The foam shark didn't work as well as I thought they would, so I'd use the plastic animals next time.  They get filled to the brim, then capped.  These are cool to look at, something like a snow globe!
 KT made her water a deep deep blue.
 A chip with dip, and a sensory bottle -- she's a happy camper!

Whew! We worked hard today, so time for the pool, followed by Popsicles.  A very busy day.
 Joss wants to learn to swim so bad -- she kicks and kicks and kicks!
 KT's under water!

Thurday we're going to the aquarium, so more to report then!

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