Friday, June 10, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp begins! Day TWO -- Jungle Animals

Thursday's are field trip day at the summer camp, so we were off to the San Antonio Zoo to see what jungle animals we could find!  We picked the girls up from their house, and they were ready to go! 
 Wearing summer camp shirts to the zoo!

First stop, breakfast. We stopped at Jim's Coffee Shop and had some breakfast before hitting the road to the zoo.

Whenever we go to the zoo, we always stop for a picture at the entrance sign.  
 Posing on the statue with Grumpy on guard!
 Turtles!  Joss is so amazed by all of the animals, she shouts out loud "WOAH!!"  The crowd around her just loved her reaction to everything at every exhibit.  She was a big hit! Her amazement at the monkey area was especially cute, wish the zoo staff could have filmed it -- they could have used it as a advertisement, it would have brought in all kinds of traffic.
 Loving on a komodo dragon statue
 KT marking off the animals we found on our jungle animal scavenger hunt.
 Posing on the metal hippos!
 The girls were excited to get their faces painted.  KT chose a cat....
 ...and Joss chose a purple monkey!
 I can't believe how patient Joss was while she was being painted.
 Looking at the giraffes

 We took a ride on the zoo train!
 Joss loves trains!

We stopped off to cool down and visit with Aunt Ashley.  Max's room is looking ready! We can't wait to see Max in a few weeks.
 KT and Joss enjoyed the new poofs in his room!

 A tired little monkey!

We stopped for a late lunch at McD's.  Everyone was pretty hungry by now.

 Home again just in time for pool time!  KT broke out her flippers from last summer and they still fit.
The water was so nice and warm, Joss really enjoyed it.  She just had the best time playing in the pool, she's not afraid of the water at all.  I think she'll be a quick learner when it comes to swimming. Her mom says she's starting lessons soon.

Next week we're studying sharks (KT's favorite thing) and the ocean.  Can't wait!!

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