Friday, June 17, 2016

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day FOUR --- Sharks!

Thursday was field trip day, so we went to the San Antonio Aquarium to see if they had any sharks!  KT had already been here once before, so she assured us we would be able to find some sharks.
 At the entrance of the aquarium
 Joss and Grumpy looking at one of the exhibits
 Feeding the koi fish. Each person gets a food token with the entrance fee.
Feeding the sting rays - tiny shrimp
 A starfish tank
 Joss standing by a painted octopus on the floor - she said this was "pink"!
 KT is touching a starfish
 Not easy to see here, but Joss is looking at some seahorses

Joss looking at small fish - she found Nemo! and Dory!
 A White Ball Python
 Grumpy took the girls in the room with all of the parrots - very noisy. Also, they are directly over your head, so guess what's falling all around you.... uuhmmmm.... just
 We found the sharks!!!!
and a shark statue!  I told the girls to look scared - KT just made the face, but Joss screamed for us! What a couple of actresses.

After the aquarium, we went to lunch at Peter Piper Pizza.  This was a big hit with both girls, first because PIZZA, then because of all the games and rides. I just want to warn you - this place is loud. Constantly loud.

Back home it was time to relax a bit and then into the pool! 
 I drew a full size female great white shark (sorry, not an artist) so the girls could see 
how big they really are.
 KT measuring herself against the size of an actual great white shark
 KT, Joss and Sydney all are much smaller then a great white shark!
 KT pulled her starfish out of the water to see how much it has grown.  It was actually quite beautiful, and actually looked pretty real.  Pretty good experiment for one dollar....good job, Dollar Store!
 Pool time! Joss wore her floaty belt and loved that she could float independently.  "I can do it myself" is her new favorite words.
 KT is working hard to learn how to dive.  Grumpy's been coaching her and she's getting much better.  I predict that she'll have it down in a few short weeks. Meanwhile, lots of belly flops.... ouch!
 Joss learned to float with her Minnie Mouse ring - she was fascinated with looking 
down in the water at her own feet! Don't worry, we were right there by her - I know a swim ring is not a safe toy for kids.
 I made the girls some "Shark Teeth" snacks and they took some home for Mom and Dad, too! These are Bugles covered in vanilla bark. Quite tasty!

Next week we're only having one day of summer camp since Tuesday should be Max Orion Forsythe's birth day.  So Thursday we'll be looking at bugs!! Eeeeeyyyyoooww!!!!

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