Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fall Garden Notes, December 2, 2015

Things are really growing in the greenhouse - I have it packed full of all my house plants and lots of veggies.  They all seem to be enjoying the warm, humid air.
 Three varieties of lettuce...
 Spinach - I'll start harvesting some of these young leaves soon...
 The large red cherry plant is long and leggy - just starting to bloom...
 Both Sleeping Lady tomatoes have several large tomatoes on them. Love this variety.
 The basil looks good...
 Dwarf Pak Choy -- ready to start picking some for salads...
 I lifted a few tomato volunteers from the main garden before our recent frosts and they seem to be recovering from the disturbance real well.  Not sure which tomato this is but I'm thinking its the small gold cherry.  We'll see once it gets bigger.
 Speaking of frosts -- the two little mulberry trees really got blasted.  I had to look them up to see if this was normal and found out that they do, in fact, lose their leaves in the winter.  Whew! I was worried that they were going to be dead.
 Today I processed the big flat, white pumpkin that's been on the front porch since we went to the Pumpkin Patch.  The other two pumpkins had split, so I fed them both to the chickens.  They were quite happy about it!
 Baked for 2 hours (it was a big pumpkin!), then peeled, cut up and processed in the blender.
 Into a cloth and tied up to drain over night.  Tomorrow morning I'll bag it up for the freezer.  I'm thinking of trying a pumpkin soup with some of it.

I saved a few seeds from two of the pumpkins to try in the spring.  I've not had good luck with growing pumpkins -- a few have grown over the years, but I keep trying!

Other then that, the pepper plants froze and have been pulled up, and the morning glory plants are dead as a door nail.  (Where did that saying come from? Dead as a door nail? I need to Google that.) I'm planning to fertilize the main garden has been fine through the last couple of freezes.  I'm thinking we'll be able to cut some kale pretty soon!

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