Monday, December 7, 2015

Fall Garden Notes, December 7, 2015

I finally was able to harvest some of the greens from the greenhouse and the main garden this week...some kale, spinach, radicchio, and mini pak choy.  I used the spinach right away in a breakfast egg casserole.  Yum, so delicious!
The main outside garden is growing and doesn't seem to be affected by the few frosts that we've had.  There's a couple kinds of kale here, dwarf Siberian and scarlet kale. I like to cut the leaves young and tender, and these plants should last me all winter if it doesn't get super cold.
The collards are growing, too.  These are Morris Heading collards.
The white carrots look good, although they have a long time to go.
These are the green cauliflower and DiCicco broccoli, I think.  I've lost track of what's what.
More of the rapini broccoli.  I need to clip these.
Still surprised that the lettuce isn't affected by the frost.  We had 28 degrees for a couple of nights, and it sails right through.
Here's a closer look at the Lotta Red -- it's such a deep red -- just beautiful.
Crisphead and Burgandy Boston...
Here's a closer look at the Burgandy Boston.
The celery is growing slowly....
Inside the greenhouse, the red cherry tomato plant is finally starting to bloom.
My crazy Methley plum tree set a couple of blooms! It's obviously totally mixed up about what season it is.
And a parting shot of the red oak leaves -- they've finally changed colors.  Very late this year, but still quite pretty.

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