Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween 2015

Gee, I'm behind on my posts.  Halloween night we went to watch the girls have fun again.  We're so lucky to be able to share this with them every year.
 KT was "Disgust", a character from the Inside Out movie.  I really need to watch the movie soon, because I really didn't know much about it.  KT struck this pose, which I guess is something that Disgust did in the movie.  I had lots of fun making her dress for her this year, and I think she was pleased with it.  The "D" on her belt needed to be darker, she told me.  She sure has an eye for detail, and she doesn't forget ANYTHING. Ha!
 Joss was "Joy" from the movie.  She does make me think of joy whenever I see her.  I wish we could just capture this age forever, she is such fun right now.  Truly full of joy.
 Jeff was "Anger" and Colleen was "Sadness".  This is a fun family, and I know the girls will remember this their entire lives.
Joy is not interested in posing.  

Before trick-or-treating, we were treated to a pizza dinner, and JR & Ashley joined us for a while, before they went home to treat the kids from their neighborhood. 
Another fun Halloween in the history books!

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