Friday, November 6, 2015

Meet Gray!

I've been feeling sorry for Turk for quite some time now....she's a very social animal and loves to have us near her, or be with the chickens for they day.  When she's alone, she's always calling out to us from her pen.  So I've been keeping my eye out for a companion for her, and I finally found one!
 We took a drive to Mico yesterday, all the way to the edge of it, on the far side of Medina Lake to find him!  The nice couple who had them were raising Bourbons and Bronzes, and Gray is the result of the mix of the two of those breeds.  I think he's beautiful.
Turk followed him around and around the pen when we first put him in, and then he flew up and perched on the edge of the pen.  Thank goodness we were watching!  
He then got a good feather trim (those flight feathers are now cut) so he won't be flying out again.  Yikes!  
Toward the end of the day he had settled down and Turk had stopped bothering him, so they were getting along fine.  He decided to perch up in the coop in the evening, which was great.  I'd like to see Turk go up there, too, especially when it gets cold.  They would be so nice and warm up there.  We'll see if he can teach her how to get up there.

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