Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Sixteen - India Week

Namaste, Ya'll!

This week we're in the exotic country of India.  Whew...we got off to a busy, busy start, too!  We started the usual way, by taking a look at the Indian flag.  KT has looked forward to this part of our week because she LOVES to paint!
Next we found the country of India on the globe.  India is pretty big!  
Then we started a hanging candle holder to help celebrate the Indian festival of lights, Diwali!  It's held in November.  KT painted dots and dashes on the front and back of a small glass jar with finger nail paint, then she and Grumpy wired the top with a hanger.  I put a small candle in it to light and see how pretty it is.  How beautiful!!
Next we cut out a paper doll Indian lady and her wardrobe.  KT and I looked at saris on the internet, and there are some beautiful ones there! So pretty.  We may try to wrap a sari on Thursday, if KT will cooperate.
 During all of this, we mixed up a batch of Indian bread, Naan.  Oh my goodness!!!! This stuff was delicious.  First mix it, and then let it sit for about one hour to rise while we did our other crafts.
 Next, KT punched the dough down and we cut it into 10 pieces and rolled them into balls.  We put these on a tray to rest for about 10 minutes.

 Then I rolled them out into flat bread and put them on a foil lined tray, three at a time, and popped them into a really hot oven (500 degrees!) They baked about 4 minutes on one side, then turned them over and baked another 4 minutes.
We made Naan pizzas for lunch (how's that for international cuisine? Ha!) There would have been more, but I couldn't keep KT and Grumpy from eating the naan by itself. Goodness, it was good!
 KT and Grumpy caught eating a piece of naan before lunch!

Our last taste of India today involved spices.  We put a tablespoon of 9 different spices into a small muffin tin, then mixed in enough water to make a watery paste of each one.  These all smelled so good.

KT shared the smell with Grumpy as she was spooning them in.
I think cinnamon was her favorite smell.
Then we painted an Indian elephant picture with the spices!  Such great smells!  KT even glued some mustard seeds on her elephant.  It turns out that each spice had its own particular shade of brown or orange.
 Finally, it was time for a nice cool swim!  The water was fantastic.  KT practiced her jumps!

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