Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Step Two of the Elderberry Wine

The elderberry wine had been sitting for four days, with us stirring it once a day, so it was time for the next step.
I stirred it up again, and then started straining out the solids into a pitcher.  This took some time, whew!
 This smelled so good...it already has a bit of a wine smell.
 After the final bit was strained, we poured it into the gallon jug and plugged it with the air lock.
I went ahead and put it back down in the bucket (just in case it bubbles over or out.  I have no idea what to expect.)  The directions said to put it in a somewhat warm area, so it's in the corner of the kitchen and I wrapped it in a cloth.  John checked it today and it's bubbling, and I think its supposed to be doing that.  Now we wait three weeks......

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