Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Movie Review --- Mission Impossible

Loved, loved, loved it, with one HUGE exception.

I've always enjoyed the Tom Cruise reboot of the old television series, Mission Impossible.  Each of the movies has been very good, and some have been great.  This is one of the really good ones.
Lots and lots of action, and lots of high techie, unbelievable tactics of the IMF (if you are old enough to have seen the television series, you will remember what that means!)  It's truly the best kind of popcorn movie.  They seem to know just how to balance the action, serious scenes and bits of humor thrown in to break it all up.  Just perfect.

Now for the HUGE exception -- I can't believe how the public has been duped into seeing a movie with that pig Alec Baldwin.  I can't even take looking at his fat face, and I was forced into seeing him in a bit part in this movie.  Really, Tom can do so much better then this nasty guy. I see how he's getting work now, they have to promise not to advertise that he's in a movie so that people will go see it.  Achhh!!!! He plays a part just like his real personality, a weasel.

There are so many older, stately men in Hollywood that they could have used in this movie (James Woods, Kelsey Grammer, Fred Thompson, Tommy Lee Jones just to name a few.) Stop using this putrid guy who hates most of America (and his own daughter) and over half of its people. /rant

The movie gets 4 stars,
Alec Baldwin, 0 stars

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