Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Movie Review -- Terminator Genysis

"Nice to see you. Get out!"

Classic Arnie....

I really don't know why this movie is getting a bad rap.  John and I both found it to be quite entertaining.  Young Terminator vs. Aged Terminator, a whole new timeline, a bad ass John Conner, a much younger Sarah Conner, and Arnie as "Pops."  What more could a Terminator fan want?!!

That's the thing with time travel movies...anything can happen, and each time anyone "jumps" the timeline changes.  This is a new re-imagined future (past?) so anything goes.  We get to see Arnie as the Terminator in three different ages.  As he put it, "I'm old, not obsolete." (I may have to start using that line!)

Go see it if you're familiar with the first movie from 1984.  You'll like this one.  I was not a big fan of the 2nd movie (that kid was irritating, bad casting job.)  The 3rd movie was good, though, and Terminator Salvation was great.  This one is a worthy addition to the list.

As we were watching it, on another note, it did occur to us that hardly anyone in this movie is actually a natural American.  Several Australian actors, some British, and Arnie is Austrian.  We had quite a discussion afterwards about what has happened to the American male.  There doesn't seem to be any actual manly (you know what I'm talking about...) actors left in our country.  Have we so emasculated our men that they can't make an action film anymore?  I can't even think of one, except perhaps Tom Cruise, and he's getting long in the tooth.  Maybe Jeremy Renner.  Can you think of any others? Something to think about.

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