Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Garden Notes, July 6, 2015

Things have slowed down in the garden -- I think the plants know that it's July in Texas.  They are conserving their energies, too!

The tomatoes have gotten so leggy and need a good hair cut! Some have started to droop to the ground, inviting disease, so today I started in on them.
 The Homestead tomato has totally collapsed and broken their string supports.  This is one heavy plant.
 Here's the first two after today's trim -- the Flamee and the Great White.   They got a good dose of fertilizer today, too.  All of these plants are starting to set a new flush of fruit.
 Beautiful big Great White tomato!
 This Snow White tomato has not stopped ... I get a good handful from this plant every single day.

 These Red Star tomatoes came in with me today.  So far this spring and summer, we've harvested over 61 pounds of tomatoes, thanks to the great weather we've had so far.
 The okra are getting most of our attention right now.  Today I froze some for fried okra.
 The Green Malabar spinach is really starting to stretch out and travel down the fence.  There's such a thick stem on this type, quite a lush looking plant.
I harvested some dill seed today, too.  I just put these heads in a bag and beat it up some, the seeds just fall right out into the bag.
 And the elderberries are starting to turn!  I'll have to check in on these often so that I can harvest them before the wild animals do.

 There are still some new little blooms coming on, too.
We are basically down to okra, cowpeas, tomatoes, peppers, kale and carrots.  Pretty manageable.  I'm starting to plan the fall garden now -- much smaller!  I can't believe how fast this summer is flying past.

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