Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Nine - Mexico Week

This week we're not traveling very far -- we're just going to the south a little way down Mexico way!  We started again by finding Mexico on the globe. KT was able to see how close we are to our neighbor country.

KT and I made two paper flowers each, out of tissue paper.  We discussed how these are used at fiestas and parties such as birthdays.  We also looked at pictures of how many different types of flowers they make on the computer.  There were even some pictures of brides carrying tissue flowers!
 They turned out so pretty!
 Next, we dyed some egg shells for cascarones!  KT mixed up the dye and put the shells in....
 then we let them dry, filled with confetti, and sealed shut with tissue paper!  Easy!
 KT painted the Mexican Flag -- a flag is a bandera in Spanish!
Then we took our weekly trip to the library.  We found several books about Mexico.
 Afterwards we drove home and picked up Grumpy, who drove us to have lunch at our local Mexican restaurant, La Cabana.  KT is VERY familiar with Mexican food, she's been raised on it.  I can't imagine being without it either!
Next we came home and KT and I made Tortilla Sugar Cinnamon chips!  These were lots of fun, but I did the frying.  KT mixed the sugar and cinnamon, and we both worked on cutting out the shapes.  We ended up frying all the leftover tortilla bits, too, and those got eaten right up! So yummy!
 (Must remember this easy recipe at Christmas time!)
The day ended with a nice swim.  Splash!!!
Thursday we're going on a field trip to the El Mercado downtown and having lunch at Mi Tierra, a famous Mexican restaurant down there.  That will be lots of fun!  John loves the bakery at Mi Tierra, so I'm sure we'll come home with something sweet!

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  1. Love it! Those tortilla sugar cinnamon crisps are GONE. :D