Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Ten - Mexico Week

Today we took a field trip to downtown San Antonio to see the Marketplace == everything from Mexico that you could possible want to see or buy!  We started by stopping for a hearty breakfast....
 Let's get started!
We walked, and walked and many little shops!  KT bought a little pottery turtle with a bobble head!
And we bought a couple of really cute Mexican dresses, one for KT and one for her little sis, Joss.
 Every shop had these types of pottery skulls, all different colors, shapes and designs.  These are used for the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead.
We also stopped in at the famous Mi Tierra Bakery for some traditional Mexican pastries.  We bought a couple for us and a couple for KT to take home for her family!

After lunch, we pulled out the Loteria game to play a few rounds.  KT got the hang of putting her money (we used pennys) into the Kittie, then we used penny's to cover the cards as Grumpy called out the cards.  Mimi won the first round (6 cents!) and KT won the second round (6 cents!)  It was lots of fun -- hopefully we can play some with the whole family one day. 
 Here's the prettiest little Senorita with one of the paper flowers we made this week, modeling her new Mexican dress!
 We ended the day with a swim (and an icy pop!)
We had lots of fun in Mexico this week!  Next week we're headed to the colder climate of Scotland!  Adios amigos!!

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