Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Eleven - Scotland Week

Brrrrr!!! We're in Scotland this week....way above the equator.  Since Scotland is known as the birthplace of golf, we started this week with her first golf lesson -- only 30 minutes, but just about the attention span at age 5.  She learned all the parts of the club (grip, shaft, etc.) and how to hold the club.  She also got a lesson on how to place her feet (apparently, you can't golf in flip flops.  So many rules....) ha!
She got lots of one on one attention from Grumpy for this part of the day, that's for sure.  Her very first swing was the best of the day and she shot that hot pink golf  ball all the way across the lawn and over to the fence!
Next up, we did the Caber toss!! This is part of the Scottish games, where a big, heavy, long post is picked up and tossed as far as you can.  We used the hose as our line, and took a running start to toss this modified (smaller) caber.  KT wasn't sure about this, but since we all took a turn, Grumpy first to show us how, she took her turn.  I found out what a real wimp I am, that's for sure.
Next up, we found Scotland on the globe, and KT painted the flag of Scotland.  They are part of the United Kingdom, but they still have their traditional flag, called St. Andrew's Cross.
The thistle is the flower of Scotland, and KT painted one of those, too.
Here's Scottie, KT's new Scottie dog.  She L O V E D her!!  The Scottie is a dog found in Scotland, and also the Irish Wolfhound.  We looked these up online so she could see how big those wolfhounds are.  While we were at it, we looked up what animals live in Scotland.  Mimi (that's me) really loved those highland cattle.  So majestic!
Time for our weekly trip to the local library.  We searched, but this little library didn't really have any books about Scotland, so we picked some books she liked.  I'm still so impressed about how well KT reads.  She got a Star Wars book! Who knew that she even knew who they were!
KT hardly fits on the table in the children's library any more.

Home for lunch, and we had our own version of Scottish Rarebit (traditionally a cheese sauce with beer, over toast and served with sliced tomatoes.) We made some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches, and ate them while we watched a movie set in Scotland about the origin of the Loch Ness monster! I'd never seen The Water Horse, but it was perfect for KT's age and all three of us enjoyed it!
For our dessert, we tried some Scottie dog shortbread cookies.  These things are very buttery, but not sweet, so not a big hit for KT, but the experience was good for her to see what people eat in other countries.
What a full day!  Time to end the day with a nice long swim.  KT got some swim fins and she's loving them.  She can really move in the water now!

Fins up!

Thursday we're going to a real golf course, and KT's dad is joining us!  No pressure for KT to try to play, but she may hit a ball or two.  I think she'll love being the flag girl for her dad and Grumpy, though!  Fore!!!

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