Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Garden Notes, July 15, 2015

It's gettin' hot up in here! Time to start closing down as much of the garden as we can, in order to get ready for the fall garden in late August, early September.  I've started pulling the carrots -- we're loving these Cosmic Purple carrots! They're regular orange on the inside, though. I'm hoping to have all of the carrots up and in the freezer by this weekend.
I'm still working away on the cow peas.  Making a note now -- don't plant four different types in the same area -- it's hard keeping them separated as I'm shelling, so that's slowing me down - a lot. Also, I'm only doing a hand-full at a time.  Who can sit still that long?!

Top: Holstein,   Right: Blue Goose,   Bottom: Shanty,   Left: Palapye

The elderberries (we have two Adams, and two York) are ripening, and I've brought in about 2-1/2 pounds so far.  I ordered a gallon jug and aerator, along with the necessary tablets and yeast to make my very first batch of elderberry wine as soon as I get about 3-1/2 pounds in.  There should be plenty.  I'm kind of excited to try this!
Here are the first two luffa gourds, but I now have five drying in the kitchen.  Here's another little project I'm looking forward to this fall.  I'm determined to do something crafty with them.
On a non-garden note, we got our first tiny egg this past week from one of the new hens.  Just what I needed....more eggs. :-(

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