Monday, June 15, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, June 15, 2015

I've been slowly stripping off the squash haus and suddenly the asparagus beans have revealed themselves!   Not too many made it through the jungle of squash vines, but the few that are here look pretty cool.
This basket gourd is continuing to grow...and grow....and grow!
 The elderberries blossoms have all dropped and are now covered with berries.
Still bringing in lettuce and it still tastes great -- I was afraid that it would start being bitter now that its getting hotter, but it's still nice and crunchy and mild.
More bread and butter pickles.....
I put up 12 pints on Friday.  Whew!
And more green beans....
And today I put up another 5 pints of Salsa with tomatoes and jalapenos, but no pictures.  The tomatoes are starting to slow down in the heat, and I'm ready for a break! ha!

My one and only gladiola has bloomed...I got these bulbs at Big Lots several years ago, and this one survived and comes back every year.  I need to add some more to this bed, I really marvel over this thing each year.  Lovely.

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