Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Three - England Week

This week we're learning all about England!  We started the day by finding England on the globe, then we learned how to say Hello and Goodbye the way they do there ('ello and Cheerio!)  KT painted the flag of Great Britain, the Union Jack!  Then we made some tea bags from dried mint.  KT and I pulled the leaves from the stems and crushed it....KT loved that smell!
 Then she mixed it up in a bowl and stuffed the Tea Sacks.  We then stapled a label on one end of a string and the tea bag to the other.  Easy Peasy!!
 Didn't they turn out great?!
 Next we made a cute set of paper tea cups - whew! A little harder -- we needed some stronger glue.
 But we got them all made!
Then we were off to the library for our weekly visit there -- we got some books about a British Bear named Paddington, and a few others.

At home it was time for lunch -- we had a traditional English meal of Fish 'n Chips!  KT actually likes fish sticks.
Then it was time to make the Queen of England's favorite scone recipe.  It calls for 4 teacups of flour....funny!  
 KT is actually a good cook -- she's very good with mixing and breaking eggs...you can tell she's helped her mom a lot.
Then mid afternoon we had "high tea!" The scones were perfect -- not too sweet, but with strawberries or jam and cream, they were soooooo good!
 To wrap the day, KT and Grumpy worked on a 3D puzzle of a British Double Decker Bus.  They got about 1/2 of it done today, and will finish it up on Thursday (I hope!)
It rained on and off all day, so we didn't get to swim today, but we sure had fun anyway.

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