Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Four - England Week

Today was the last day of England Week, so we decided to take a trip to have lunch at The English Tea Shoppe in San Antonio.  A little hole in the wall place that has several tables, all set very formally with china and silver...fancy!
 KT standing outside the tea room with the Palace Guard!
The menu was pretty varied, from a Ploughman's lunch to Bangers & Mash, and a bunch of tea sandwiches.
 The silver tray and sugar set up for our tea.  We drank the PG Tips tea, which the waitress recommended as the common tea used in England (compares to our Lipton's, I'm guessing) KT was impressed with the sugar cubes!
 I didn't think we'd get her to try the "hot" tea, since she told me 10 times on the way there that she wasn't going to drink the hot tea.  But when she saw her dad drink it with the sugar cubes and milk, she decided to try that herself! She liked it!
 I had the cucumber sandwiches with "crisps" (potato chips).  I've never had them before, but I figured anything with cream cheese had to be good -- and it was!
 These two guys went with the club sandwiches, and John had chicken & rice soup, and KT opted for the P&J.  At least it was something that she would eat.  They had a baked bean sandwich -- funny!  I guess that's something they eat in England, and a Spaghetti Sandwich....ewwww......glad she didn't want that one!
 KT served the tea!
This was the Chocolate Chip scone that KT and I shared -- it came with butter, strawberry jam, and Devon creme.  Very dense scone...I guess that's the way they make them.
 When we got home it was time for a swim -- and we had some surprise visitors!!  We had a very fun rest of the day swimming and enjoying watching the girls in the pool.

 Can you see KT's loose tooth sticking out there?  That thing is SO ready to come out!

We had a great week in England -- next week we're "visiting" (KT told me that we were going to England in our brains this week...she's so smart!) Germany. so Cheerio for now!

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  1. Y'all should visit Shilohs (downtown san antonio) for Germany week. Homemade root beer, and great german food... Or just go to fredricksburg :)