Saturday, June 13, 2015

Movie Review --- Jurassic World

I know its not exactly summer yet (only another 8 days, though) but I consider this the first big blockbuster summer movie! Lots of action, adventure, and with dinosaurs....what more can you ask?

Don't go into this trying to pick on all of the parts that don't make sense -- this is a "make believe" world, after all.  No -- women really can't run through a jungle, chased by genetically engineered super dinos in 5 inch high heels.  Just wouldn't happen.  I can't even walk on 5" heels, much less try to run.  And no -- jeeps batteries that have been sitting in a leaky garage for 22 years probably wouldn't work.  Ignore all of that -- go with it!

Some nice nods to the original series of movies -- the chief scientist is the same actor from the first movie, the one who was explaining about the eggs in the incubator, BD Wong.  There are scenes from the original Jurassic Park, too.

My only negative is that I'm not a particular fan of Bryce Dallas Howard -- something about her chemistry with Chris Pratt was off -- but that's only me.  John really thinks she's great in the role, so don't pay any attention to me.

Vincent D'Onofrio plays his usual excellent bad guy.  And as usual, hardly anyone in the movie respects the idea that animals don't really understand the English language and won't always act in the way we would like them to.  Especially raptors.

There was violence (of course) but I didn't find it any more violent then the first movie.  In other words, not a lot of bloody gore -- its more implied than shown on screen.

The big dinosaur battle was perfect...worth the entire price of admission!  We really liked it, so 4 stars from us!

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