Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What I've Been Watching on Netflix

Several of my shows are done for the season, so we've been watching some Netflix lately.  We really did like their show, Daredevil!
Great casting, lots of action, and we binged watched this for about 4 nights straight.  I can highly recommend it, and the good news is that they have ordered a new season, so there will be more next year!

Then we watched Chef, which I had already seen, but John had not.  I knew he would like it, since it's such a great story.
Fun, fun, fun -- a very good story line, great characters, and throw in a few good lessons about social networking.  John liked it too, and laughed out loud a few times.  You will too!

Last night we watched a couple of sci-fi movies that I had never heard of before.  The first was Parallels.
The basis of the movie is that there are many, many parallel "Earths" and the way to move between them all is an abandoned building -- but you have to be there when it shifts, or you're stuck in the current "earth." Some earths are apocalyptic, some dangerous, some futuristic ... well, you get the idea.  It was interesting, and kept our attention, but very strange.

The last movie was Automata, starring Antonio Banderas.
It's also an apocalyptic film, with robots created to do for humans what they can't do on a planet that humans have managed to turn into a dessert.  There's the usual protocols that robots have to obey, and of course, some don't (nod to I Robot, and almost every robot movie ever made.)  Depressing, cold, and hopeless.  Melanie Griffith, totally mismatched with the small roll she had.  And I double dog dare you to recognize Dylan McDermott.  They do a fine job of special effects here, though.

Looking forward to finding some more gems on Netflix throughout the summer!

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