Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, May 6, 2015

We've been getting such good rain the past couple of days! Lovely, lovely rain, and some thunder and lightening that make the plants grow overnight.

I've been picking these Table Dainty squash almost daily, and we had two of them last night stuffed with ground meat and rice, covered in tomato sauce.  Delish!!
Somehow the snow peas have really piled up and I froze all of these yesterday.  These are destined for future stir-fry dishes.

Today one of the Juane Flamee tomatoes is showing some yellow color - finally! These are supposed to be a bright orange when ripe, so I'm hoping this one will be ready soon.
Here's today's harvest -- I'm so impressed with the broccoli this year.  The bugs don't seem to bother these plants at all.  There's Lebanese White Marrow squash, another Table Dainty, snow peas, a jalapeno, three Calima green beans (our first!) and some spinach.  I'm gonna need to find a bigger basket to take out to the garden daily now since the garden is really starting to produce.
The peaches are starting to turn color, right at the end most of them have a spot of red now....
...and the blackberries are getting bigger!
The poppies bloomed, and these are a beautiful white.  So gorgeous.

 Some strange new mushrooms popped up in the mint pot after all the idea what these are.

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