Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, May 29, 2015

Rain, rain and more rain.  We had a BIG storm last night, but it was clear and sunny today, and the garden needed the sun.

This week the Butter Dish Yellow squash went crazy...I've picked several every day.  They must like the rain.  We've got a little over 5 pounds so far.
The cucumber plants are producing well, even if they look horrible.  Definitely don't like so much moisture.  It's a game of hide and seek, though, and sometimes the cucumber wins.  Like this White Holland -- supposed to be small and white, but this one is going out to the deer.  Hope they like it!
 We picked the one and only head of cauliflower this week -- Green Macereta.  I cut it up and froze it for eating later.  We have so many veggies right now, it's actually a full time job keeping up with all of it!
I also made tomato sauce from all of the tomatoes that have ripened -- this was a mix of all of our tomatoes --- red, yellow, orange and deep maroon.  I had enough for 3 pints.
 The Malabar spinach is growing and about to reach for the fence.
 The cowpeas as also starting to send out vines.
I planted some cheap flower seeds about three years ago in front of my potting shed, a box of mixed seeds from Big Lots.  Of all the flowers that come up that year, this one has set in and stayed.  A daisy of some kind, but its a very vigorous plant.  Pretty, huh?
These are our Texas Vitex trees in front of the house -- it's the most purple PURPLE this year that I've ever seen.  And they are growing like crazy.  John pruned these two pretty severely during the fall, and they must have liked it.  Really putting on a show!  Last year we put another one of these beauties over by the pool deck and I hope it does as well.
 I brought in a few of the sun flowers -- might as well enjoy them while they're here!
 The gourds are starting to wander over onto the gate.  We don't use this gate anymore, so we're going to let them go and see how far they will travel.  These are either luffa or basket gourds -- they've mixed together so much I can't tell which right now.
Here's another little luffa growing high on the fence.
 On another fence I have these bottle gourds -- there are several on there, but this is the largest.
Not sure what's been creating these perfect holes near the Malabar spinach tub.  John thinks its some kind of beetle.
 Nature is so interesting.

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