Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, May 24, 2015

I've picked about 1/2 of the crisphead lettuce.  It's very good, but what a lot of work to clean it, especially after all the rain that we've had lately.
Speaking of rain, we had over 5 inches last night -- it came down like cats and dogs! Whew! Our seasonal creek is running, and the large lake near us, Medina Lake, which was down to almost no water the last few years, has started rising.  It's very good news for our area, for sure.

The garden is another story -- way too much water.  These sunflowers fell over last night during the downpour!
Also several of the tomatillo plant's branches snapped off.  Sigh...  too much water for most of the garden,  it's not had a single day to dry at all.
Tonight I sliced that beautiful Great White tomato -- isn't it beautiful?! And it was very delicious.
 I used about 2 pounds of the Green Husk tomatillos and made canned tomatillo sauce today.  These tomatillo are so pretty and tart -- I hope the sauce is good, but will let it sit a while before testing it.
Then I cut up the jalapenos I've been gathering and made pickled rings.  I had enough for three jars. We eat these things all the time -- in beans, on queso with chips, in hamburgers, and even egg casserole.
 Yes, I use gloves...these things are HOT!
And I froze some of the peaches that have ripened -- I'll probably be doing this every other day or so for a while until they are all put up.  We finished picking them all, a total of 35 pounds and 4.7 ounces.  Last year we only had 4 pounds and 2.2 ounces, so this tree has really paid for itself!!
The two Knock Out rose bushes that we planted behind the water pump building seem to have taken...
 they've put out new shoots.  In a year or two they will entirely cover this side of the building, if all goes well!
 The calla lily plant has bloomed, but it was also knocked over by the rain.  I had to prop it back up.
The Lantana on the other side of the water pump house is looking really good this year.  Such a reliable plant, rain or shine.
The rain is supposed to be back tomorrow. Sigh.

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