Friday, May 29, 2015

So This Happened ....

During the big storm last night, we lost part of our big cedar tree in the front yard. The winds were very strong and it rained buckets. I woke up to find the tree down on my big, beautiful flower bed.

It twisted and broke off at the base, but John thinks the other side is fragile now, too, since it's split near the base.  We moved the cars away just in case, until he has time to take that side down.
So, out came the tools...
And after lots of lugging branches and logs...(thank God for the tractor and its bucket!)...
... it was gone.  I helped with the lugging, but not too much with those logs.  Heavy! We'll get to the other side another day.  I hate to see this tree gone, it provided lots of shade for us ever since we've lived here.  Sad.
The tall sunflowers were all snapped off and down also, down in the garden.  Other then that, the garden seemed fine.  Whew!

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