Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gardening in the rain...

Today the sun has finally come out! I'm so sun-deficit.....

The past couple of days we've been out in the garden, but in bits, dodging around the really messy muck and mud.  I transplanted the Datura (Baker Seeds) that are looking fantastic -- I hope I get several colors out of this batch.  I have a 3 year old white plant in my front yard and its a show stopper....
and the morning glories, which are going to be sending vines out before I can set them in the ground --
 These are the Red Feather....look at those roots!
Isn't my milk gallon waterer just great!? A nice gentle trickle. I love my Pinterest finds....

The cilantro is up and already has the 2nd set of leaves.
 The large leaf basil is the first of the herbs to show up in the batch that I planted the other day.
 Note to self: Don't plant the tomatillo too early next year.  I'm already seeing flower buds on these things, and I don't think I can safely put them out for about 3 more weeks.
Started a pot of Swiss Chard "Hot Pink" (SeedsNow) in front of the greenhouse yesterday.  The day before I potted up some Lettuce, Red Romain (Baker Creek Seeds) a pot of Kale, Lacinato (SeedsNow) and Radicchio, Rossa di Treviso (Baker Creek Seeds).
 The Amsterdam Prickly Spinach (Baker Seeds) is up and growing like crazy....
And the Swiss Chard I planted last October is still going strong! I put it out a few weeks ago to make room in the greenhouse.
Yesterday morning we wrapped the fruit trees again because we were supposed to get a hard freeze last night (didn't happen, though.)  Is meteorology the only profession where you can be wrong almost constantly and still have a job?

I don't think we'll be able to cover this peach tree much longer -- getting too big!

And my sweet husband made me a small potting bench outside of the potting barn so that I can get messy with the dirt.  He did this in the rain -- Have I said how much I love this man lately? Consider it said!
He's been busy planning out a self-watering system for the main vegetable garden before we plant anything out there.  We'll put it on a timer so that we won't be totally stuck to the homestead all the time and can take a few short trips this summer.

It's fixing to get real busy around the garden!!!

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