Monday, March 2, 2015

Starting the gourds....

John can't understand why I like gourds.  He always says I'm wasting my time with these, but I just love them...for decorating in the fall, for crafts, and just to see how they turn out.  I've had some luck in the past couple of years, too.
So, today I started soaking the gourds that I'm growing this year.  Tomorrow I'll be planting them in the greenhouse under the grow lights.  
 These are 1) Large Bottle Gourds, saved seeds from some I grew in 2013.  These are the ones I make bird houses from; 2) Luffa Gourds from SeedsNow; 3) Small Gourd Mixture from The Seed Savers Exchange.  These seeds look more like squash seeds, so I'm thinking these are more like inedible squash; 4) Guarijio Dipper Gourds from Native Seeds Search (these are no longer on their website, I'd better save seeds from these!); 5) Bushel Basket Gourds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds; and 6) Speckled Swan Gourds, also from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  These will go on all the fences around the garden.  It's gonna be interesting to see what I get!

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