Sunday, March 8, 2015

Garden project commencing....

John started work on the permanent structure for the vegetable garden. This is Bed#1 which is 5' x 45' and there will be a second Bed#2 which will be the same size.  We also have one raised bed that's already planted, the Bean Haus, and a row where the tomatoes will go.  That ought to be plenty of veggies for the two of us, plus more!
 There will be water sprinklers and shade cloth coming....
 Driving in the 8' t-posts.  

If there's good weather this week, I'm going to be starting some of the plants. I'm late this year, but I'm sure we'll have a few more freezes before old man winter is done. 

Mouse, our cat, loves to get into any sink she can find -- here she is in the greenhouse. She's a riot!

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  1. Something about Dads technique doesn't scream "safe"