Saturday, March 14, 2015

Chicks for sale....

I've placed an ad in the local newspaper (that will run next Wednesday) to sell the chicks....we really don't need anymore eggs around here.  I really do think most of these are pullets, so the experiment seems to have worked out -- the rounder eggs were mostly hens.  John thinks we have only two roosters in this batch, and both of them are the blackish ones.  We'll see if anyone is interested yet.  Early spring is a good time, I think.  Meanwhile, they are getting out a bit during these nice spring days we've been having.

The garden project has moved right along -- John has two of the structures up.  We started planting the tomatoes out into their permanent home, too, they have all gotten so big. I'm still in amazement that I grew all of these from seed.  It really helps to have all of the right help - the grow light, the greenhouse, and the heat mat.  I hope its not too soon to put them out, but I can cover them if necessary.  I really hope we won't need to do that.

In total, 10 tomato plants fit in the row that he dedicated for them.  Juane Flamee, Great White, Beefsteak, Homestead, Cherokee Purple, two Snow Whites, Red Star, Cherry, and Sleeping Lady. Should be colorful if they all do well!
 No tires this year for the tomatoes.  Just the buckets, cut out at the bottom.
I'm going to wait a few weeks to put the cages around them, just in case we have to cover them for frost.

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