Monday, March 16, 2015

Catching up with the grandgirls!

We got some quality time with Joss this weekend, keeping her while her big sister, KT, got a special treat of a movie with both of her parents.  They went to see the latest version of Cinderella.  KT seemed to have really loved it, and I know she loved the time with her parents.
KT has learned how to push herself on the swing now...a big-time life skill!!
 Joss LOVES swinging, and Grumpy was very willing to help her along....
 This girl is walking for a few steps at a time.  Any day now she's going to 
stop thinking about it and just take off, she's so ready.....
 Snack time -- not a chocolate fan like her sister was.  She picks them up, and then puts them back.  Her favorite is still the yogurt bites.....
She can get on and off of her rocking horse now, and she can rock herself! Smart little cookie!

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