Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happy Birthday, Noah and Parker!

We went to Noah and Parker's joint birthday party last night -- they had it in a place that must seem like a young boy's dream -- a Lego Store! Yikes, there were Lego pieces everywhere!  This cute little store called Bricks & Mini Figs, had everything a boy or girl could want to build just about any Lego contraption.
Parker and KT racing some Lego Cars
Noah opted for the video game!

The party room in the back was private and had a few set ups for the kids to build and race their creations, along with a television and video games.  Very nice!
 Sue and Josh
 Colleen and Sue
 The birthday boys and their cakes

 The cakes -- not sure what the figures represent, but some young person could probably fill me in....
Even Joss got into the act -- "what's in these bins of Legos, Mimi?"

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