Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rainy Day with Fruit Tree Blossoms!

We uncovered the plum tree and the four peach trees today, hoping that with the rain we won't be getting any more freezing weather for a few day.  What a treat! They are gorgeous, and even the new trees have some beautiful blooms on them.  Yes, we were out in the rain, but I've learned never to complain about rain here in Texas.
 Our Rio Grande peach tree, in full bloom!
 One of the new peach trees has some beautiful blooms
This is the plum tree -- lots of buds and a few blooms in white

On the walk back into the house to dry off, I spotted these viola blooms out in the grass near KT's little wooden house...apparently the plants I had in pots in front of her house must have seeded themselves and taken root.  I hope they spread -- so beautiful, even when coated in rain drops.

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