Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Day Camp --- Day Fifteen

Okay, today was a bust.  It was supposed to be the beginning of "sports" week, but we had so many errands to run, we ended up doing a worksheet and then running around the rest of the day!

First we took the stinky dog to to the vets office for her monthly grooming (bath and pedicure! ha!)
After we got home we had breakfast and worked on KT's worksheet, watched a few cartoons, then were heading out to the library, but the vet's office called to say Sydney was ready to pick up, so we ended up there instead. When we got home, we had to run to Boerne to do some other errands, so we had lunch at Chili's, then home for some swimming.  I never even took one picture.  Too busy!

Today we had to take KT to her swim lessons in San Antonio, so here's Grumpy and KT waiting for her class to begin....
 ...and KT during her class.  She's doing so well!

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