Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Day Camp --- Day Sixteen

We really got into the sports today -- we went golfing with Grumpy to the Flying L Golf course up in Bandera.  We did this last year too, and KT remembered a lot of it.  She's such a good sport - she never got bored or tired, and she took her job as flag girl very seriously.
 Getting our golf cart at the clubhouse
 Grumpy's ball ended up on this Texas symbol made of rocks! ha ha!
 Watching Grumpy drive from the tee box
 Time for a snack and a cold rag around the neck!
 A few golf tips from Grumpy
 Remove the flag, and then put it back -- she actually had fun doing this!
On hole #14!

For today's craft, KT collected wooden tees on each of the tee boxes while we were on the course (golfers often just leave them there), so when we got home we created a frame with them and with one of the pictures I had taken. 
 Then it was time for some swimming!
 Look at her fly!
A rare break from the action to readjust those googles!

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