Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Day Camp -- Day 2

Day two was lots of fun!  We started the day making a surprise for her dad for Father's Day -- blueberry muffins for breakfast!
 This girl can cook! I really think she wouldn't need me except for the fact that she's too short to reach some of the ingredients...ha!  She can more or less even read the directions on the box.  Her mom has taught her well.
Then she worked on a little art project, making a King's crown for her dad for Father's day.  She got a little carried away with the water colors! Oh well, it'll wash off in the pool later.
 Then we did a few worksheets, and started going through some of the dead bugs that we salvaged from the pool insect trap on Tuesday -- some very interesting specimens, like this one with the feathery looking antennae...weird.
 This poor butterfly made the mistake of going into the chicken house -- but we were able to gather the wings, anyway. Pretty.
 All of these found their place on the Bug Board!  KT's pretty good with a pair of tweezers, too.
 Next up, lunch!
 After lunch KT made a couple of bug themed book marks -- a bee and a ladybug. These were lots of fun!  We also read three of the books that we got at the library on Tuesday -- the funny one was "I Love You, Stinky Face" by Lisa McCourt.  So so so cute and highly recommended.  KT laughed and giggled through the whole thing.
 By then it was pool time!!  We had a great time - KT  l u v e s the pool!
After water time, it was time for some serious snacking - a push up ice cream, string cheese, and some cheese crackers -- she was ravenous!  Time for a Netflix film and relaxation until it was time to go home.  A nice finish to a great week!  Next week, sharks!

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