Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 21

We ended up with about 2-3/4 pounds of these little Methley Plums -- sweet and delicious.  I cut them all up and froze them in individual servings.
Interesting that the outside of these plums remain semi-green, but the inside of all of them were a rich dark maroon.
 The beans are starting to show up in the Bean Haus!  The Turkey Craw beans are coming on first.
The beans have reached the top and are fighting with each other for a place on the wire! This thing is beautiful!
 My Heavenly Blue morning glories have not shown up yet this year.  I have a beautiful pale blue with a dark blue streak......
 and several of the Chocolate variety.  These are really pretty in the early morning!
Here's what that first elderberry flower looks like now.  All the white petals fell off, and these small green "berries?" are left on the branches.  Waiting to see what happens next.  I have about 7 of these on the four plants that we have.  Anticipation......
 The castor bean flowers have now developed into these prickly pods.  Since the last rain, these plants have also grown about a foot each.  They seem to like what rain give them.
These are the only sunflowers I put in this year.  The front is the dwarf sunflowers, followed by the seeds I got from the Native American seed bank.  At the back is the tallest sunflowers - they are at about 7 foot tall right now.  The birds will just love these seed heads as they dry.
And a few of the Alden grapes have started turning purple.  I tried one -- sweet.  I don't have enough this year to really look forward to a crop, but more then we've ever had before.  I have an idea next year will be pretty good.

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