Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Day Camp -- Day 1

Summer Day Camp 2014 started today!  We're starting with "It's a Bug's Life" as the theme, and are going to be working on a few Pre-K foundation skills that KT will need to be ready for Kindergarten.  Luckily, she loves to do worksheets -- and these are WAY too easy for her, so she breezed through lesson 1 and 2.  Her day school has really done all of this work already, but we're just going to reinforce all summer long.
 Then we created a bug board as a place to put the bugs.  We may add to this board all summer!
 KT and Grumpy worked to make this sun catcher -- she loves arts and crafts.  
 Then it was off to the library.  We got a few books about bugs and then just some books that KT liked.  She really loves Clifford, the Big Red Dog.
 Home just in time for lunch!  KT is making her own pizza's here.  She's a real hand at the pizza making already.
After lunch we went looking for a few bugs -- here KT is putting a small, dead beetle that we found in a jar where we're keeping them until its time to put them on her board.
 Then it was pool time!  We had a great time, and she's really learning a lot at her swim lessons.
 KT and John did some cannon balls into the water!  She yelled as she was about to jump, "This is going to be the biggest splash EVER!"
 Grumps took a turn!
 After swim snack time -- a purple push up ice cream.  Perfect!
By then it was time to relax a little and we went in to watch a little tv, then time to go home!

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