Monday, June 30, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 23

Finished up the weekend cleaning out the fridge and freezing both carrots and beans.
 Just shy of 3 pounds of carrots

We're getting lots of beans right now, and I don't always catch them before they're way to large.  I had to discard about half of what we had picked because I really can't eat them when they're too large and stringy - but I take those and grind them up and the chickens just love them.  So nothing is wasted, thank goodness.
These Peking Black cow peas are drying and I've been bringing in a handful every day to shell.  KT's been helping me with this project, too.  These go into a jar with a desiccant pack to keep the moisture out.  Black-eyed peas are not just for New Years, you know!
I brought in one head of these White Mountain Apache sorghum plants to keep for seeds in the fall.  These will be treats for the chickens.  These sorghum plants are about 7 feet tall out in the field.  The Texas Black Amber Molasses Sorghum are just as tall, but they haven't shown any sign of heading yet.  I got both of them from the Native American seed bank.
 Finally we had a fruit on that Litchi Tomato plant!  I'm afraid to try it -- this is that plant that is covered (covered as in absolutely COVERED) in barbs! It's supposed to taste like a cross between a cherry and a tomato, but I'm going to just save these seeds.  I may try one if we get more on the plant....maybe...

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