Saturday, June 28, 2014

Putting up garden veggies....

The tomatoes have been piling up in the fridge, and today I had to do something with them.  My favorite thing to do with them is "sun" dried tomatoes -- I had so many from two years ago, but ran out last year and our tomato crop last year was terrible, so I didn't get to make any more.  I can't wait for these! Love them.
I'm still working on emptying out the raised garden beds, and today I pulled up all of the onions.  They really never had a chance, they were rooted up by the armadillo, not once, but twice! I replanted them each time, but they languished and were further pestered by the cats who decided that they made a great place to lay down.  So, I gave up today and pulled them all.
Into the food dryer with the tomatoes.
I pulled up 1/2 of the beets this morning and spent the rest of the day making another batch of pickled beets.  
Found one golden beet amongst all of the pretty pink Chiogga's! 
I had enough for 4-1/2 pints this time, so I went ahead and processed them for the pantry this time. We tasted the first batch last weekend, and they were pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.  Now, time to work on all of the carrots that I picked today - I cleared out about 1/3rd of the bed this morning and have to get them in the freezer. A chore for tomorrow, most likely.

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