Monday, June 2, 2014

Lots of action at the pool this past weekend.....

JR and Ashley are here! They arrived last week and will be here until next Sat or Sunday (can't remember exact date.)  JR, Ashley and John worked on the deck to finish what John and Jeff started last weekend - covering the deck on the left so we would have a way to get up at pool level.
 Jeff and John had this much done last weekend, so they only needed to add was the small curve at the back of the pool there before the decking boards could be laid.
 Starting to take shape!
Finishing touches to be sure all the boards were secure!

And on Friday they worked on the ramp/walkway and stairs up to the deck.  So now we are able to start enjoying the pool!
Working on the ramp/walkway and the stairs.

A few shots from the weekend -- lots of fun.  KT is a little fish - this girl is happy, happy, happy diving and jumping into the pool.
 Sydney is not interested in the water (kinda glad about that!)
 KT on the dinosaur floatie
 Ashley and Karolyn trying to keep an eye on KT....
 Even Joss enjoyed the water.  She never even whimpered -- another water baby!
Ashley took this shot of the pool from the back - the deck platform, pool and pavilion in the background.  A railing is planned around the pool once the platform is finished all around the pool, and a gate to keep little ones out when they aren't allowed to swim.  We want to be sure its safe.

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