Saturday, May 31, 2014

How the chicks are progressing, you ask?

They've been moved to the big chicken house and are really enjoying their freedom! Oh, and growing bigger daily, especially the 5 big (we think they are Buff Orpingtons) -- those are gonna be some big chickens.
 I think one of these is a Barred Rock, and there are three others that look like barred, but they have a small comb, not red but almost a yellow comb. So I'm not sure what those are yet.
One of the big buff chickens was having trouble walking last week, so she got moved to the old chicken house by herself for a few days, just to be sure she didn't have anything that would pass around to the others, but after about three days on her own, she was back up and walking just fine.  So she's back with her flock now.
I believe I've solved the mystery of the two white chickens -- according to McMurray Hatchery where we ordered them, she has to be an Easter Egger/Araucana (I think they consider these one in the same breed.)  Anyway, their legs have turned an olive green, so that's the tell.  And they are starting to get a cute little curl of feathers at their cheeks, another characteristic of Easter Eggers.
Meanwhile, Harley and Belle, the rooster and hen that we have left from our last flock, have been moved in to the new chicken house alongside all of these chicks.  They are not impressed -- mostly they just ignore them.  We're getting a little egg every other day from Belle.

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