Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 17

The Litchi tomato plant has set some fruit! Even the fruit has barbs on it...good grief this plant is lethal!

 And I've finally found two more small buds of elderberries - they are just starting to develop.  The older flower is dropping all of the small white flowers on it.  I think these will be the elderberries, but not sure.  We'll see what develops.
 These are two of the Juane Flamee tomatoes.  They are bright orange, but not very big.  I put a penny there so you can see the size.  Bigger than a cherry tomato, but not by much.
 The Datura has bloomed, several times!  This plant has gotten big.
 Tonight we had some of the Vulcan Swiss Chard...this is such as pretty plant, and delicious!  I made it with carmelized onion and garlic, with a small amount of ham cut into small little pieces.  Yum!

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