Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pool progress....

The pool is completely full and has even had a few swimmers already!
Saturday Jeff and Colleen came out to help John start the deck around the pool, and poor Jeff and John worked out in the rain most of the morning.
I was getting sick....have some kind of cough and I mean a terrible cough, so I wasn't any help, with working on the pool or keeping the girls busy.  I was too afraid that I would give them something.
Miserable.  But I did run and buy lunch for everyone, so I wasn't totally useless.
They were going to work on the pool deck again on Sunday, but we had such a great rain, that got cancelled.
The pool finished filling on Monday and Jeff, John and KT got to have a little swim.  I was staying inside and trying to get better, besides I lost my voice, so I couldn't be in charge of anything. Ha!  I did see a doctor, and have some meds that aren't really doing much.

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